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Sunflower Subscription

Sunflower microgreens are graced with a hearty and crunchy leaf, a succulent stem, and a nutty and sweet flavor. They may very well be one of the most versatile crops in American history. Nearly every part of the plant can be used for food production, and its health benefits are numerous.

These microgreens are packed with B vitamins, folate, vitamin E, zinc, antioxidants, and are a complete source of protein.

Enjoy these on their own or on a sandwich, soup, or salad. KIDS LOVE THEM packed with lunch or as a snack.

Veganically grown with love in Dublin, OH.



Subscription Plan

The Seven Acre Farm grow-to-order subscription plans are the best way to ensure consistent deliveries of fresh microgreens. All subscriptions are custom built by you, and delivered on your schedule. If you would like to remove the guesswork then choose from one of our ready-made plans!


Stock: Always in-stock because subscription orders are grown just for you!
Delivery: Contactless deliveries are made every Friday with SMS confirmation.

Starting at $12 / month


Frequently Asked Questions

How do one-time orders work?

Seven Acre Farm is a grow-to-order subscription service, however we always grow extra to cover one-time orders, samples, and other substitution needs. Sometimes we receive more one-time orders for specific microgreens than were grown. If you would like to ensure consistent delivery of your favorite microgreens, we recommend creating one or more subscriptions to meet your family's needs.

One-time orders include any item(s) that you have not chosen to receive on a recurring basis, and are subject to stock availability. Placing your one-time order does not guarantee stock availability. We do our best to keep stock numbers updated and accurate, and you will receive a notice on the site if stock is low or out. Any orders for items that are or become out of stock will be delayed up to a week in most cases. We will notify you of any extended delay and offer a replacement item for any out of stock items.

How do Subscriptions orders work?

Create your own Subscription Plan by adding two or more items of any variety to your shopping cart, or select one of our pre-made subscription packages. You can also add one-time order products along with subscription products, or you can subscribe to different products on different delivery schedules. If you want Snow Pea just this time, but would like to subscribe to Sunflower every week, and Basil every other week -- go for it!

You tell us what you want, and we will grow it and deliver it fresh. Subscription services are grown-to-order, which guarantees availability and consistent deliveries of fresh microgreens.

We also offer subscription services through our Market Wagon store if you are outside our local delivery area.

Can subscriptions be modified or suspended?

Our subscription services are meant to be as flexible as you need them to be. You can have as many different subscriptions as you need, and you can change your subscription items at any time.

  • Need to add, remove, or alter one of your items? Visit My Account to modify your subscription.
  • Going on vacation and need to suspend your subscription? You can do this by visiting My Account.
  • Need to cancel? Well, we hate to see you go, but we understand things come up. Please fill our our survey to let us know if there is something we can improve. Otherwise, visit My Account to make this change.

You know what? Everything can be done by visiting My Account!

Just want to talk to someone that can make whatever adjustments you need?  We're happy to help out! Call us at 614-467-0123

What's the difference between ordering direct vs through Market Wagon?

The main difference is delivery area. We are currently piloting direct Farm-to-Table deliveries in selected areas.

Market Wagon has a much larger delivery footprint allowing us to reach more customers across eight (8) counties in Central Ohio - from Springfield to Newark, and from Delaware to Circleville!


Do we deliver to your neighbood?


Do you offer the same products here and on Market Wagon?

We offer our Everyday and Seasonal categories, but our Subscription products are only available on our website at this time.

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