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Microgreens – Sampler Pack

Microgreens are the first true leaves of an herb or vegetable, but are more flavorful and pack more potent health benefits than mature leaf greens. We invite you to explore all the flavors and health benefits these amazing plants have to offer. They can be eaten raw, juiced, or added to just about anything. Stop eating recalled tasteless lettuce blends and start enjoying fresh locally grown superfoods! Your body and taste buds will thank you.

Simply add this item to your shopping cart and we’ll deliver directly to your door the freshest and best tasting greens in town. Guaranteed.

Our sampler pack includes several varieties of microgreens for you and your family to enjoy absolutely free of charge!

Veganically grown with love in Dublin, OH.




Next Delivery: Friday October 30th

Exclusively for Muirfield Village Residents!

– Free Sample Friday –

With so much excitement about our giveaways in September we decided to make them available throughout October! Seven Acre Farm will again be offering 20 sampler packs exclusively to the residents of Muirfield Village. Simply complete the checkout process with this free product and receive your delivery on the following Friday.

If you enjoy our microgreens and would like to order more, log in with your new account and checkout with the coupon code “VillageLiving” to receive 20% off your first order!

Have a few questions? No worries! Give us a ring or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions directly.

Microgreens – A Healthy Alternative

Microgreens are the same herbs and vegetables you find at your local grocer, but are instead harvested at their early stages of growth. Most people are familiar with “baby greens,” and enjoy them as bite-sized counter parts to their fully mature versions — microgreens are simply “baby, baby greens.”

What’s all the fuss about young herbs and vegetables? There is much debate surrounding the nutritional benefits of consuming baby greens, with some studies identifying increased nutritional content, while other studies portraying similar values as their mature counterparts. “Inconclusive” would be the best way to describe this, however, from a farm production perspective, harvesting earlier reduces the amount of resources and time spent bringing these plants to their fully mature state. Pretty much everything else being equal.

Why are microgreens different? The popularity of microgreens has been increasing for the last decade, but as more and more studies are performed, their results highlight a distinguishable difference in nutritional benefits over baby or mature leaf greens. These benefits have been found to be up to 40X more concentrated than their mature counterparts! As the evidence stacks up it’s clear that microgreens are here to stay. In addition to being highly nutritious, microgreens also capture more of the flavors we’re used to making them serious contenders in the fight for leafy green superiority!

As the world continues to grow and change, we believe that a plant based diet will be a key component of healthy and sustainable living. We also believe that microgreens and other micro-vegetables will drastically change the face of localized food production due to their fast and non-resource intensive growth requirements. These micro-plants deliver more flavor and more nutrition, while being produced more quickly and with substantially less resources.


Why support local? We have lived through the commercialization of food production and understand the inherent issues posed to the health of people, soil, animals, and more broadly, the environment. While the “support local” movement is gaining steam as more and more box retail outlets work towards adding locally produced products to their lineup, the vast majority of shelves are stocked with food grown out of state or across the country.

It’s a well known fact that plants lose large portions of their nutritional value moments after harvest – let alone after being handled by multiple parties and shipped across the country. Supporting local means that you’re adding value to your local economy and supporting local farms that produce the same products, but without the resources or delays posed by traditional distribution channels.

So what’s the deal with Seven Acre Farm? At Seven Acre Farm we utilize the latest available technology to produce the highest quality microgreens in the city. We grow veganically, in soil, using only plant based nutrients with no animal by-products, composts, manures, or chemicals. We grow vertically in a controlled environment for year-round availability, and have no need for herbicides or pesticides.

We grow, without compromise, the healthiest, freshest, best tasting, and most nutritious greens you have likely ever experienced. We also deliver to your doorstep within hours of harvest. With a shelf life of at least 2 weeks, our microgreens will remain fresh ensuring that you get to enjoy every last bite.

Mature and baby greens will always have their place, but we would like to invite you to explore the world of flavor and nutrition that microgreens bring to your table.

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