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Spicy Blend

After releasing our Kitchen Sink Blend at the markets this year, we received a lot of comments wanting to know when we will release a spicy version. Well, here it is! 

While spicy microgreens don’t build in heat like the capsaicin contained in hot peppers does, they still pack a powerful punch of flavor that surprises many first timers. Shortly after that initial flavor burst, our spicy microgreens trail off to a more subdued but robust flavor leaving your palette both pleased and confused. If you enjoy the spicier side of life and are looking to add a kick to your next meal, perhaps this Spicy Microgreens Blend is the right choice for you!

These microgreens are best eaten uncooked, but can be put on nearly anything due to their spicy flavor profile. Experiment and discover your next favorite!

Veganically grown with love in Dublin, OH


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